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My name is Terry Brousseau, and I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina, my career as a Charter Boat Captain came to an abrupt end as my home port, Venice, Louisiana, was totally destroyed.  In February of 2006, my wife, Patsy, and I moved out to the country where we now live.

My older sister, Frances Brousseau, is a craft jeweler.  Her husband, Ross Brechner, was an eye surgeon and epidemiologist who traveled the world for the CDC and as part of the humanitarian missions that gave great meaning to his life.  Frances often traveled with him.  Together they discovered the world of precious and semi-precious gemstones which Ross purchased as rough and cut for Frances’ jewelry.  After Ross passed away, Frances introduced me to the world of gemstone cutting and carving.  I inherited all of Ross’ equipment as well as his entire inventory of rough gemstones.  My sister, Frances, taught me to cut and polish stones.  Frances, my sister Lollie, and my wife, Patsy, have all guided my artistic development by serving as critics of my work.  I have inevitably learned a great deal through trial and error!

My son suggested making custom gemstone handles for hunting knives, which I am now doing. Since I have been in the restaurant business most of my life, I decided to also make cutlery sets with custom gemstone handles.  And more recently, I started making custom gemstone grips for 1911 pistols.

My process involves cutting rough stone blocks into slabs and then grinding, shaping and polishing them into handles for kitchen cutlery sets, hunting knives and 1911 pistol grips; and rather than throwing the left over pieces into a box to be forgotten, I turn them into jewelry or apply them to small keepsake wooden boxes.   Besides mastering the skills of a lapidary artist, I have also acquired those of a metalsmith.  By creating sterling silver, copper and brass settings for the stones, I turn the finished cabochons into pendants and my wife puts silk or leather cords on the finished pieces. She also makes the leather sheaths for the hunting knives, which she sews by hand.

Much of our products are custom made to the specifications of our clients, and we have numerous cut and polished gemstones for sale.  We continue to acquire new gemstones in the rough from various mines in the USA as well as from Australia, Russia, South Africa, Asia, Afghanistan, Norway and other areas of the world.

Our hand carved gemstone handled hunting knives are not only beautiful but also usable. We attach the gemstone handles onto various styles of carbon and stainless steel hunting knives and kitchen cutlery sets.  Please see our Gemstone Handled Hunting Knives page for a few pictures of some of the knives we have completed.  We also have pictures of rough gemstone slabs that are available to choose from for a custom made gemstone handled knife.  If there is a particular stone that you like and do not see here, ask and we will find it for you.   If you already have a knife and would like a particular gemstone handle for it, contact us and we can determine if the handle can be removed and replaced.  Also, if you have a stone to be cut and polished, or repaired, please contact us.

Our hand carved gemstone earrings and pendants are now available for purchase online.  Please call or email for information regarding pricing, quotes and availability of our knives, pistol grips and loose gemstones.  Orders can be placed either by email or over the phone.  Please see our Contact page.

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